130 - Tutorial: Dwalin!

Mae govannen, mellon nín!

Welcome to another tutorial my friends. The eleventh dwarf of this series of tutorials will be Dwalin!

Up until now these are the already painted dwarves:

Oin | Gloin Fili | Kili Bifur Bofur Bombur Ori Dori | Nori

This guy was fun to paint. I always enjoy playing with different tones of the same colour (green, in this case). 

Assembled and unprimed miniature of Dwalin.

Who is Dwalin?

"Dwarf of Thorin and Company. Dwalin was the son of Fundin and the brother of Balin. 

He went on the Quest of the Lonely Mountain that re-established the Dwarf Kingdom under the Mountain at Erebor, where he remained until the end of his life. 

It was the second such quest for Dwalin, for he had been a companion of King Thrain II, the Dwarf-king in exile, a century before, on the disastrous journey to Erebor which led to the king's capture and eventual death."

Source of description: David Day, Tolkien, the Illustrated Encyclopaedia.

How to Paint Dwalin?

As usual, I started by painting the miniature's skin. The steps are exactly just like I did with Ori.

I: Basecoat hair and beard with a dark grey paint (almost black, preferably);

II: Highlight the hair and the beard with a light grey;

III: Glaze those grey tones with a black wash;

IV: Basecoat the pants with a vibrant green tone.

V: Basecoat the armour with a desaturated earthy green tone;

VI: Basecoat the inner tunic with a light yellowy green paint;

VII: Shade the armour and the tunic with a brown wash;

VIII: Shade the pants with a black wash.

IX: Mix a bone toned paint with the same green used to basecoat the armour and carefully highlight the edges of the armour;

X: Basecoat belt (don't forget the axe straps and grips like I did), gloves, boots and fur with a clear brown;

XI: Shade the previous parts with a brown wash;

XII: Highlight the fur and the axe grips (which I mistakenly wrote "scabbard") with a lighter brown. You can either drybrush or pick the strands of fur single-handedly. I did the later, but that will consume a bit of time.

XIII: Pick the majority of the fur strands with an ochre brown;

XIV: Pick the most prominent strands of fur with a bone toned colour. Highlight also the boot-straps;

XV: Basecoat the hammer shaft with a wood toned brown. After it dries, mix the bone toned paint with the brown and apply it to the upper part of the shaft;

XVI: Basecoat the metal parts with a dark silver (don't forget the belt buckle, the tips of the boots and the gloves).

XVII: Shade the metal parts previously painted with a black wash;

XVIII: Highlight all the metal parts with a light silver paint.

After all these steps, the miniature is ready to be varnished and to have its base finished.


With the Dwalin's miniature showcase we finish the tutorial for our eleventh  dwarf from Thorin's Company!

I'm hoping it will be helpful to someone out there.

Until next time! Keep on Painting and Wargaming!
Also, don't forget to have fun doing it!