27 May 2015

82nd post - Háma!

Hey fellow hobbyists, I'm back :D

This time with the captain of Théoden's guard and Doorwarden of Méduseld: Háma!


About the model himself, it is pretty much like Gamling. The armour is pretty much the same, as well as the pose, which make me suspect of a bit of laziness by the GW sculptor, but well...

For this one I didn't made any video because the method I used is exactly the same as Gamling.

Here are the photos:

As always, happy hobbying :D

4 May 2015

81st post - Making Small Walls and Fences!

Hello guys.
Well, this time I've decided to make a guide about walls and fences that you can use to make a long defensive barrier.
I have built 3 normal walls, 1 destructed (partly) wall and 1 fence.

For all of them I've used the following materials:

  • Pva glue;
  • Fine cardboard;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • Black gesso or plaster;
  • Protection tape;
  • Balsa wood;
  • Sand.

So, let us start...
First thing I did was the walls themselves.
With 15x2 Cm stripes, I managed to get enough height to let a 28mm miniature use it as they please.
Three stripes on the thick cardboard should be enough to make 1 wall. All I did then was glue them all together.

Now it's time to make the bases.
For this I have used a fine but really strong cardboard I had around.
Now, with the measures of 15x3 Cm, the bases will have one special yet essential point: the corners of the bases must be cut of in order to make the joints able to be together, like the pictures bellow.

After gluing the wall to the base, we arrive at the point were all the fun begins :)
With a few fine cardboard stripes I added some details on the wall and on the top of it.

After that, is time for the plaster, which will provide some texture and some extra strenght to the piece.
Then takes place the sand in the base and the painting work.


As I mentioned, I did also a partly destroyed wall and a fence.
Their bases are exactly the same, and the fence is made of balsa wood, and glued with pva.

Here are the rest of the photos:


As a final result, I decided to take some extra photos of them all together to show how well they stick and provide a good defensive barrier.

Hope you guys like it :)

Happy hobbying