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82nd post - Háma!

Hey fellow hobbyists, I'm back :D This time with the captain of Théoden's guard and Doorwarden of Méduseld: Háma! ******************************************************************************** About the model himself, it is pretty much like Gamling. The armour is pretty much the same, as well as the pose, which make me suspect of a bit of laziness by the GW sculptor, but well... For this one I didn't made any video because the method I used is exactly the same as Gamling. Here are the photos: As always, happy hobbying :D

81st post - Making Small Walls and Fences!

Hello guys. Well, this time I've decided to make a guide about walls and fences that you can use to make a long defensive barrier. I have built 3 normal walls, 1 destructed (partly) wall and 1 fence. For all of them I've used the following materials: Pva glue; Fine cardboard; Thick cardboard; Black gesso or plaster; Protection tape; Balsa wood; Sand. So, let us start... First thing I did was the walls themselves. With 15x2 Cm stripes, I managed to get enough height to let a 28mm miniature use it as they please. Three stripes on the thick cardboard should be enough to make 1 wall. All I did then was glue them all together. Now it's time to make the bases. For this I have used a fine but really strong cardboard I had around. Now, with the measures of 15x3 Cm, the bases will have one special yet essential point: the corners of the bases must be cut of in order to make the joints able to be together, like the pictures bellow.