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56th post - Blog of the Month, January!

Hey guys :) First of all I'd like to apologize for all this time that I've been away of the blog. Time has been a little short around these parts lately. So, for February my goals are going to be the finishing of my tree (just the final foliage part) and also the Mighty Witch King of Angmar! I hope I haven't lost my painting skills in this last month ahahah. So, for the Blog of the Month of January, I have chosen Mally's Blog - . I have met Mally almost a year ago thru the One Ring Forum . My almost entire last year's development has been due to the guys from that forum, and specially Mally, so this is going to be a fair and thankful tribute to him. Mally has an incredible and unbelievable skill in almost everything he does in this hobby. His works are really inspiring to me, so I'll just let here some of them and let you guys explore his blog: Bag End... need I say more?? Will