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118 - Goblin King! (tutorial)

Mae govannen, mellon nín! In this post I'll make a tutorial on how to paint the Goblin King, a miniature from the Escape from Goblin Town box (GW). By far, it was one of the most enjoyable miniatures I have painted since the beginning. It has a lot of cool details and (one of my favourites) big discernible eyes, which gave me space enough to work a little more sophisticated finish. With finishing this miniature I close the goblin army chapter which, I must confess, I feel relieved since painting all those skins were tiresome work (tough I have genuinely enjoyed painting the Goblin King). Tutorial For the skin process i followed the method that was already presented on the previous goblin tutorial (check it here ). As I said before, the eyes were object of a little better work: After painting the white I made the iris with a big brown dot followed by a small black dot for the pupil. Finally, I added an even smaller dot with white (in the corners) to give that

117 - Goblin Town Warrior! (Tutorial)

Mae Govannen, Mellon Nín! In this post I will make a tutorial about how to paint this mean little guy, a Goblin Town warrior from the Escape from Goblin Town box set ( the Hobbit sbg). Concerning Goblins "These creatures that Men now name Goblins are dwellers in darkness, who were spawned for evil purposes. In Earlier days, they were called orcs. Black-blooded, red-eyes and hateful in nature, though they are now reduced to beings committed to minor deeds of mischief, they were once a race bent on terrible tyranny." Source of description : David Day, Tolkien, the Illustrated Encyclopædia Tutorial Though I believe I found the right colour scheme for these goblins (a matter of personal taste), I don't feel particularly proud of this model. Maybe my painting "now and then" spirit is becoming an inconvenient, since I feel I could do a much better paint job. But well, water under the bridge, and looking forward. For the plus side, I'

116th - The End and the Begining!

Mae Govannen! In this post I'll be closing my BGiME journey and give way for the next minis that will be painted. After ending the last five models, that means the whole Battle Games in Middle-Earth journey is finally finished. It has been a great walk, with many pauses, and a lot of growing, and I'm so glad for all of it. From the first models to the last my evolution is pretty clear, and it's a joy for me to behold it! #1 #11 #21 #51 What's next? Naturally, i'll keep painting the Escape from Goblintown box set. The goblins are all done by this time (except the Goblin King) as well as the terrain parts. My intention is to keep the tutorials coming (as I mentioned before, they're more like a progress tracking method for me) for all the dwarves, Gandalf and Radagast, the Goblin King and the goblins (which will surely be the next tutorial i'll make). Visualizar esta foto