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25th post - Saruman!

With my new Vallejo paints at hand I couldn't wait to use them so, who better than Saruman?? :) This is the number 15 of the GW/Deagostini collection. So here he is: And for the Vallejo section, I've only used 3 paints of them for this miniature: Offwhite, Sand Yellow and Sepia Shade Wash. Well, I need to say that this was my first Vallejo experience, and I already feel grateful to have such quality paints at my disposal. Most people say they're the best, and I'll have to agree! Huge pigmentation, great consistency that makes it easier to mix, a wash that stays in the recesses really easily... A dream for every miniature painter! Sand Yellow rate: 10/10 Offwhite rate: 10/10 Sepia Shade Wash: 9*/10 * Personally, I think that the Vallejo wash is at the same level as the AP quickshade!

24th post - Vallejo Products!

So, once again, I'm very excited :D I've received today a parcel from Vallejo, with some paints to make reviews on! This is what they sent me: 8 model color washes 16 model color acrylics - Earthtones Here are the photos and details on the paints: This set contains the following washes: Black Wash Pale Grey Wash Sepia Shade Wash Umber Shade Wash Fleshtone Shade Wash Red Shade Wash Green Shade Wash Blue Shade Wash This set contains the following acrylics: Iraqui Sand Offwhite Ochre Brown Beige Brown Green Brown Middlestone Stone Grey Green Grey Brown Violet Light Orange Sand Yellow 2 bottles of Deck Tan Burnt Umber Medium Grey Dark Grey This is again a very exciting project, and I hope my future reviews may be helpful.

23rd post - Final Chapter on the Army Painter Reviews!

So, this post is just to display my final rating of all the Army Painter products that I've used. The rates are: Quickshade Strong Tone : 8/10 Wargamers most wanted brush set : 10/10 Acrylics : 7/10 Metallics : 9/10 Inks : 9/10 Primers : -/10 My rate 7 on the acrylics is mostly based on the difficulties I've experienced with the Daemonic Yellow in particular. It seems that I could shake the bottle for 10 minutes and still don't have a good consistency on the paint. About the rest of the acrylics, if you give them a very good shake, the results are top quality! About the primers, i didn't get to use them yet so I didn't rate them. In the future (when I make use of them) I'll certainly make a review. I definitely recommend the Army Painter to everyone! It's a really top quality brand, and all I can say is that they got themselves a new customer! So, overall rate: 8,6/10

22nd post - Army Painter Review video!

My final review on the army painter products they sent me :)

21st post - The Rohirrim!

Finally I've finished the Rohirrim!! Number 14:

20th post - Rohirrim Horses!

Number 13 is finished :D The amazing horses of the Rohirrim! These were a real fun to paint eheheh For this miniatures I used once again several Army Painter paints! Matt Black, Matt White, Plate Mail Metal, Quicksade Strong Tone, Daemonic Yellow, Leather Brown, Barbarian Flesh, Greenskin and Dragon Red. I really appreciate this brand of paints! They give me just the tone results that I want, and that's really cool for me! You can get this paints in their website: The bottles that have the red cap represent the inks(washes), the ones with black cap represent the Metallics and the white caps represent the acrylics! 

19th post - Making Photoshoot Scenery - video!

Here's my video guys :)

18th post - Gandalf!

Well, here we are with number 12, Gandalf! I wasn't really happy with his face but I think that in the overall the mini is not that badly painted :) For this mini I used six Army Painter paints and three brushes: Brushes - Insane Detail, Small Drybrush and Highlighting; Matt Black; Matt White; Leather Brown; Barbarian Flesh; Plate Mail Metal; And Quickshade Strong Tone ink. For the brushes, I'm delighted to have these to use. They're perfect! The drybrush is really helpful and the Insane Detail, with this triangular handle is PERFECT! I'm really amazed by this. It fulfills the hand and the triangular form makes it easier to stroke the little details of the miniature. My final rate on the brushes got to be 10/10. It really is the most wanted Brush set!!!!! For the paints, I'm a fan of the dropping method so, this is one favor point, but the big thing (for me) about this paints is that they're hugely pigmented.

17th post - The Uruk Captain Armour!

So, I said in my 12th post  that I was about to use the Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone on my Uruk captain's armour to give it a little dirtier look. Well, job's done and I must say that I'm really impressed with this product. The final result is awesome! The armour was really clean before, and with a few brushes of this quickshade in the right places, the armour now looks quite dirty like if it has already seen battles before. This product has only one downside, but it has a solution. The quickshade effect shines a lot, perhaps because it works as a varnish as well, but in their website you can buy an anti-shine matt varnish . Final rate on the Quickshade Strong Tone : 8/10 The Boots The Shield I know the quality on this photo isn't the greatest, but you can still see the difference.

16th post - The Army Painter Products!

And now, this is one of the most exciting things I've done while I'm on this hobby. I've received some products from the Army Painter  to review, and I must say, I'm really fortunate to be part of this :) the excitement is really high on here! This is what they sent me: Greenskin Primer Dragon Red Primer Quickshade Strong Tone Dragon Red paint Wargamers Most Wanted Brush set Warpaints Starter Paint set I'm going to make a review on this products of them, and for now, they're looking really great. Have some pics: This is the back of the Starter Paint Set box. The paints From the starter paint set from the left: Plate Mail Metal, Strong Tone Ink, Barbarian Flesh, Leather Brown, Ultramarine Blue, Matt Black, Matt White, Pure Red, Daemonic Yellow and Greenskin. Starter Paint Set Brush! Starter Paint Set Brush! Starter Paint Set Guide. Quickshade Strong Tone. Greenskin and Dragon Red Primes. M