20th post - Rohirrim Horses!

Number 13 is finished :D
The amazing horses of the Rohirrim!
These were a real fun to paint eheheh

For this miniatures I used once again several Army Painter paints!
Matt Black, Matt White, Plate Mail Metal, Quicksade Strong Tone, Daemonic Yellow, Leather Brown, Barbarian Flesh, Greenskin and Dragon Red.
I really appreciate this brand of paints! They give me just the tone results that I want, and that's really cool for me!
You can get this paints in their website: http://shop.thearmypainter.com/products.php?ProductGroupId=8
The bottles that have the red cap represent the inks(washes), the ones with black cap represent the Metallics and the white caps represent the acrylics! 


  1. How do you rate the warpaints? I have some of the metallics which I love and have been considering getting some of their flat colours.

    1. Hey Chris,
      Well, I rate them following four parameters:
      1- Consistency
      2- Pigmentation (coverage)
      3- Bottle
      4- And final result

      The Army Painter metallics are particularly good i think!
      I've experienced some problems at the beginning with daemonic yellow, but a few more shakes and the paint is really cool.
      I have no big complaint with all these paints I've been using... in fact they're really good quality!

  2. I'll check them out then. My local store carries the range which helps as I don't like buying paints online.

    1. Yeah, it's a lot better to buy directly from the store. Don't have to wait!

  3. Beautiful horses, excellent paint job (amazing heads!), Rohan can be proud!


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