24th post - Vallejo Products!

So, once again, I'm very excited :D
I've received today a parcel from Vallejo, with some paints to make reviews on!
This is what they sent me:

  • 8 model color washes
  • 16 model color acrylics - Earthtones

Here are the photos and details on the paints:

This set contains the following washes:
  1. Black Wash
  2. Pale Grey Wash
  3. Sepia Shade Wash
  4. Umber Shade Wash
  5. Fleshtone Shade Wash
  6. Red Shade Wash
  7. Green Shade Wash
  8. Blue Shade Wash

This set contains the following acrylics:
  1. Iraqui Sand
  2. Offwhite
  3. Ochre Brown
  4. Beige Brown
  5. Green Brown
  6. Middlestone
  7. Stone Grey
  8. Green Grey
  9. Brown Violet
  10. Light Orange
  11. Sand Yellow
  12. 2 bottles of Deck Tan
  13. Burnt Umber
  14. Medium Grey
  15. Dark Grey

This is again a very exciting project, and I hope my future reviews may be helpful.


  1. Ii can't wait to read them I love their paints.

    1. I already used some of their paints also and they're awesome :)

  2. Looking forward to hearing what you think, I love their product myself.

    1. Yeah, their products are amazing... I'm very excited to have this ones to review eheheh


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