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133 - Tutorial: Bilbo Baggins!

  Mae govannen, mellon nín! Welcome to another tutorial my friends.  After all the Dwarves have been finished, it is time for the little star of our Company: Bilbo Baggins. Up until now these are the already painted miniatures, i.e. , the Dwarves: Oin  |  Gloin  |  Fili  |  Kili  |  Bifur  |  Bofur  |  Bombur  |  Ori  |  Dori   |  Nori   Dwalin  |  Balin  | Thorin Oakenshield As with Thorin, I managed to get two miniatures of Bilbo, so I painted both of them, one with the glowing sword Sting and the other with a walking stick.  For the pose of Bilbo with the sword Sting I have tried something new to me - a glowing light -, and I'm fairly happy with the end result. Who is Bilbo Baggins? Assembled and unprimed miniatures of Bilbo Baggins (both poses). " Hobbit of the Shire. Born in the year 2890 of the Third Age, Bilbo was a bachelor Hobbit who lived in Bag End in the Shire. In 2941, Bilbo was lured away by a Wizard and thirteen Dwarves on the famous quest of Thorin and Compan