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101st post - Armoured Boromir on foot! (Tutorial)

Hey folks! Here we are for another tutorial and, first of all, just a little apart: This thing with the tutorials... it doesn't mean that I think of myself as great painter or such... I don't! Some weeks ago I was watching all those philosophical videos that Uncle Atom makes (I'm a fan of him and his thoughts) and, in one of them, he recommends us (the painters) to keep a record of what we do... the good and the bad! In reality, that's the main reason that made me decide to include the "tutorial type" of posts in the blog. That way, whenever I want to repeat a good looking thing I've done before, I can go back to the recorded thing. Obviously, if the posts are useful to any of you, that will sure make me even happier with the whole thing! With that being cleared, let's go to business!!! This model is probably on my top 3 until now!!! Fantastic sculpt and, most important, made me feel like I'm having some progress on my painting ski

100th post - Armoured Boromir on foot! (Showcase)

So, another day, another finished model and... Lo!!! 100th post! Although it's nothing special, it always feels good to reach the triple digits. I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest models I've ever painted! It's a great sculpt which gives a huge motivation. I'm really happy with this Boromir model! I think my expectations were exceeded, and that made me very happy :D Stay tuned for the tutorial on this gentlemen, which will be out on the next few days! Happy hobbying! Cheers

99th post - Armoured Faramir! (Tutorial)

Hello friends! As promised in the 98th post , here's the tutorial for the armoured Faramir on foot miniature. It's a metal miniature, from the Battle Games in Middle Earth series (issue number 59). As I've said before, this is, in my opinion, a great sculpt. I'm not even a great fan of this kind of Gondor armour, since I find it a bit boring to paint, but this specific model really gave me an enjoyable paint session. Paints First of all, one of the most important parts of the painting process: the priming! In this case, the model was primed black. Vallejo's Game Color Wash, Blue Shade Game Color Wash, Fleshtone Shade Model Color, Dark Grey Model Color, Deck Tan Model Color, Iraqui Sand Model Color, Ochre Brown Army Painter's Strong Tone Ink Matt White Matt Black Ultramarine Blue Plate Mail Metal Citadel's Nuln Oil Cadian Fleshtone Kislev Flesh XV-88 Rhinox Hide Dark Flesh Auric Armo

98th post - Armoured Faramir! (Showcase)

Hi mini painters and friends Following the 97th post , I managed to finish already the Armoured Faramir on foot. In the next few days I'll surely be updating the blog with the tutorial on painting Faramir, as well as with the finished Boromir! For the base I have used: sand, decorative stones, GF9 dead grass and dried moss. The tutorial post will be probably published tomorrow! Happy hobbying everyone!

97th post - Captains Faramir and Boromir (BGiME nr. 59 and 60)!

Hi everyone!! I'm almost on vacations from the university evaluations and so, I'm beginning the preparations on my next models. Following the Battle Games in Middle Earth's  magazines, the numbers 59 and 60 leaves us captain Faramir (on armour) and Boromir, captain of the White Tower (with shield). Amazing miniatures on which I hope to make them justice. The poses and sculpts of these two are amazing, in my opinion  They're both metal miniatures I hope I manage to finish these guys by the beginning of the next week! Happy hobbying to you all!