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Painting: Uruk-hai Shaman details

  Mae govannen mellon nín. Welcome to another post from this blog, my friends! I'm almost ending this   Uruk-hai campaign  (there are probably 2 or 3 posts left for me to do), and it's been great to get these little guys painted! On today's post I will be focusing on the distinctive details of both Uruk-hai shamans : the bone and skulls of the metal scout and the fur cloak of the resin warrior (both minis from the "command packs"). If you have just stumbled upon this post and wish to check some other Uruk-hai painting tutorials, you can check the following posts:    Isengard Bases  |  White Hand of Saruman Feral Uruk-hai  |  Uruk-hai Crossbowers  |  Uruk-hai Berserkers  |  Mauhúr Uruk-hai Banners  |  Uruk-hai Captain Rock Base  | Uruk-hai Drummer How to paint the fur cloak? First of all, I have decided to try and achieve a brown gradient finish , so I went for a wet-blending approach . This means I worked the different tones of brown while the paint used on the