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11th post - Legolas!

Number 8 :P - Legolas! One more hero, one more metal miniature! In this one I really like the final result of the eyes! Photos:

10th post - Warriors of Rohan!

Hey guys, i've finished painting nr7 :) Warriors of Rohan. It was the first time i've painted some dust marks on my minis clothes, and i think i nailed it. :P Here are the photos:

9th post - Photoshoot Scenery - part 2

Well, I must say that i'm really happy with the final result. So, lets continue: After the PVA glue with the sand has dried, i painted the floor with a mix of a 4/5 citadel colours.  This is the result: After this i dry brushed the terrain gaps with grey, but I forgot to take some pics :\ Proceeding, i used cork to make some stones and rocky ground and bristles of an old brush to make some tall dried plants. Here are the pics: And thats the result (i've already started painting the rocky ground on the left when i remembered to take the pic xD): Then i painted it all and added some grass. And thats the final result: I must say i really like the final result on the last on... it's perfect!!!!! Finally, the pics of the photoshoot scenery with the already painted statues, ruins and some minis: And this is it guys  :-D  i seriously hope you liked it :) And just for the Gran Finale, h

8th post - Photoshoot Scenery - part 1

Well, i felt like moving away a little bit from the painting and decided to make a nice scenery for the finished minis. So, i'm working right now on a photoshoot scenery for my minis using lotr statues :) I'm gonna display the images and explain what i'm doing ... With this pencil box as base, im gonna make some terrain modeling using Black Gesso/Plaster: And here's the plaster. I used a piece of cardboard to make it the way i wanted with some wrinkles and decals. And here it is already dry after one night getting free air Then i brushed PVA glue all over the model and poured beach sand in it. And that's the end of part 1. I hope you enjoy the final result (part 2) as much as I do :D

7th post - Aragorn at Helm's Deep!

This is a really hard to paint miniature because of the face, the beard and the tiny details. I tried my best, although i think I could have done a lot better :\ ... Anyway, here he is... Aragorn!!!!