9th post - Photoshoot Scenery - part 2

Well, I must say that i'm really happy with the final result.
So, lets continue:

After the PVA glue with the sand has dried, i painted the floor with a mix of a 4/5 citadel colours.
 This is the result:

After this i dry brushed the terrain gaps with grey, but I forgot to take some pics :\
Proceeding, i used cork to make some stones and rocky ground and bristles of an old brush to make some tall dried plants. Here are the pics:

And thats the result (i've already started painting the rocky ground on the left when i remembered to take the pic xD):

Then i painted it all and added some grass. And thats the final result:

I must say i really like the final result on the last on... it's perfect!!!!!
Finally, the pics of the photoshoot scenery with the already painted statues, ruins and some minis:

And this is it guys  :-D  i seriously hope you liked it :)
And just for the Gran Finale, here's two pics of Athelas plant