9 Feb 2017

104th post - Strider! (Tutorial)

Hello friends!
Welcome to another tutorial, this time will be Strider!!!!!
This miniature is, as I said on my 103rd post, one of my favourites ever!
It is part of the Battle Games in Middle-Earth's magazines (issue number 61).

The name Strider, being the "west world's" name for which Aragorn was known (particularly in the village of Bree), refer's to a traveller.
A world wanderer nomad he was, with a deep knowledge of nature's ways and ancient healing techniques. In my opinion, one of Tolkien's best constructed characters.

Having all this traveller's ideas in mind, I decided to use a broad range of green's and brown's for this particular model, using lot's of earthy tones.

This is the final result!
I'm pretty happy with how this model turned out.
These are all the paints that I've used to paint Strider.


The Army Painter
  • Strong Tone Ink
  • Matt White
  • Matt Black
  • Plate Mail Metal

  • Game Color Wash, Fleshtone Shade
  • Game Color Wash, Green Shade
  • Model Color, Iraqui Sand
  • Model Color, Ochre Brown
  • Model Color, Beige Brown 
  • Model Color, Burnt Umber
  • Model Color, Brown Violet
  • Model Color, Green Brown
  • Model Color, Middlestone
  • Model Color, Dark Grey

    • Lahmian Medium
    • Agrax Earthshade
    • Nuln Oil
    • Dark Flesh
    • Bugman's Glow
    • Cadian Fleshtone
    • Kislev Flesh
    • Dryad Bark
    • Rhinox Hide
    • XV-88
    • Administratum Grey
    • Death World Forest
    • Runefang Steel


    Pants and Dark Cloth
    1. Basecoat: Matt Black (The Army Painter)
    2. Highlights I : Dark Grey (Vallejo)
    3. Highlights II : Administratum Grey (Citadel)
    4. Glaze: very thinned Nuln Oil  (Citadel)
    1. Basecoat: XV-88 (Citadel)
    2. Shades: Strong Tone Ink (The Army Painter)
    3. Highlights I : XV-88 (Citadel)
    4. Highlights II : Iraqui Sand (Vallejo)
    1. Basecoat: Rhinox Hide (Citadel)
    2. Highlights I : Dark Flesh (Citadel)
    3. Highlights II : 1/1 mix of Dark Flesh (Citadel) + Iraqui Sand (Vallejo)
    4. Glaze: thinned Agrax Earthshade (Citadel)

    1. Basecoat: Brown Violet (Vallejo)
    2. Highlights I : Death World Forest (Citadel)
    3. Shades: Strong Tone Ink (The Army Painter)
    4. Highlights II : Green Brown (Vallejo)
    5. Highlights III : Middlestone (Vallejo)
    6. Glaze: very thinned Green Shade (Vallejo)
    7. Details (stitched patch on his right arm): XV-88 (Citadel) Basecoat; Ochre Brown (Vallejo) Highlights; Strong Tone Ink (The Army Painter) wash.
    1. Basecoat: Bugman's Glow (Citadel)
    2. Highlights I : Cadian Fleshtone (Citadel)
    3. Highlights II : Kislev Flesh (Citadel)
    4. Glaze: thinned Fleshtone Shade (Vallejo)
    Hair and Beard
    1. Basecoat: Rhinox Hide (Citadel)
    2. Highlights: XV-88 (Citadel)
    3. Shades: Strong Tone Ink (The Army Painter)

    1. Shades: Nuln Oil (Citadel)
    2. Highlights: Runefang Steel (Citadel)
    1. Basecoat: Plate Mail Metal (The Army Painter)
    2. Shades: Nuln Oil (Citadel)
    3. Highlights: Runefang Steel (Citadel)

    Bow and Quiver
    1. Basecoat: Rhinox Hide (Citadel)
    2. Highlights: XV-88 (Citadel)
    3. Details: Iraqui sand (Vallejo)
    4. Glaze: Strong Tone Ink (The Army Painter)
    Blanket on the Back
    1. Basecoat: Burnt Umber (Vallejo)
    2. Highlights I : Beige Brown (Vallejo)
    3. Highlights II ; Ochre Brown (Vallejo)

    And it is finished!
    I hope you guys like it and find the tutorial useful!
    It really was a pleasure :)

    Happy hobbying to you all!

    7 Feb 2017

    103rd post - Strider! (Showcase)

    Hi everyone, and welcome to another Middle-Earth Minis showcase!
    This time, I'm presenting a painted miniature of Aragorn on his Strider pose.
    For me, this is a really special model because I've seen it in multiple places (BGiME issues, blogs, youtube video, game books...) since I've entered the hobby, and always had a particular appreciation for it :)

    I think that the small details are what makes this miniature a bit special!
    Notice the stitched patch on his right arm and the ring on his left hand!

    Has it's been a method I've used often lately, the base details were made with:
    Decorative stones (on front), dried moss and static grass (Grass from Citadel).

    Some more good looking details on his back!
    I particularly enjoyed "playing" with those multiple greens... very happy with it! :D 

    And that's all!
    I hope you guy like my version of Strider :)
    It surely was a really enjoyable painting session, and a great model! 
    I'll be posting the tutorial on this little guy in the next days, so ... keep watchful :P

    Happy hobbying everyone!

    4 Feb 2017

    102nd post - Battle Games in Middle-Earth (nr. 61-65)!

    Hello friends!

    So, the aim of this 102nd post is to make a preview of the next 5 models that I'll be painting, but first, I wish to make a few considerations.

    As some of you know (those who have been following my blog), since the beginning of this blog's journey, I've been painting the the Lord of the Rings miniatures that have been released with the Battle Games in Middle-Earth's issues, in 2002.
    It has been an amazing jump start for my painting skills and a real pleasure giving hobby.
    At the time I acquired the collection, I made a little research about the whole thing and found that, in my country (Portugal), DeAgostini only had published the first 65 numbers (out of 91).
    Sad, yes, but if it weren't for it, I'd never had entered the hobby "thing".
    This fact needed to be mentioned because... well, the next five models are to be the last models of the collection I bought!

    So... let's get to them:

    These guys are the next/last ones:
    • 61: Strider
    • 62: Bilbo Baggins
    • 63: Gollum
    • 64: Éomer on foot
    • 65: Théodred on horse


    Bilbo Baggins


    Éomer on foot

    Théodred on horse

    And that's it!!! I'm very excited to paint this guys... they all look great (let's see if I can make them justice)!
    Thank you everyone for watching!
    Happy hobbying!