103rd post - Strider! (Showcase)

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Middle-Earth Minis showcase!
This time, I'm presenting a painted miniature of Aragorn on his Strider pose.
For me, this is a really special model because I've seen it in multiple places (BGiME issues, blogs, youtube video, game books...) since I've entered the hobby, and always had a particular appreciation for it :)

I think that the small details are what makes this miniature a bit special!
Notice the stitched patch on his right arm and the ring on his left hand!

Has it's been a method I've used often lately, the base details were made with:
Decorative stones (on front), dried moss and static grass (Grass from Citadel).

Some more good looking details on his back!
I particularly enjoyed "playing" with those multiple greens... very happy with it! :D 

And that's all!
I hope you guy like my version of Strider :)
It surely was a really enjoyable painting session, and a great model! 
I'll be posting the tutorial on this little guy in the next days, so ... keep watchful :P

Happy hobbying everyone!


  1. Beautiful work! I love colours that You used. I have this mini and your one will be inspiration for my Aragorn :)

    1. Many thanks :)
      That's great!!!!
      You're such an amazing painter... I'll be looking forward for it :D

      Cheers :)

  2. Great job, one of my favourite miniatures.

    1. Many thanks Michael :D
      It really is an amazing model!



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