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113th post - The Army Painter Quickshade! (Tutorial and Review)

Mae Govannen friends! And Welcome to my first October post (or should I say Orctober??). This one will be a long awaited promise: I'll be testing the Army Painter's Quickshade making use of the proper dipping method, suggested by the danish company. I'll be showing you a tutorial with all the steps I've followed, and then I'll review the final product. So, before long... What's the Quickshade? It's a product from the Army Painter that assumes the role of quickening the painting sessions for those of us who want, more than anything, to play the game instead of spending great amounts of time painting miniatures, and still have great looking mini warriors on the tabletop. It is a mix of a shade and a gloss varnish, so you'll end up with a completely shaded and varnished model, with pretty good results for such an easy method. Their suggested process is fairly simple: Basecoat the miniature Dip it in the 250ml. can and shake the mode