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84th post - Sir Christopher Lee!

Oh my... today was a sad day... Sir Christopher Lee has passed away. He was the only cast member of "the Lord of the Rings" that had actually met J.R.R.Tolkien. It is said that Tolkien wanted him to play the role of Gandalf if, someday, "the Lord of the Rings" went to the big screen. All that apart, what a great Man! Amazing actor, and amazing person... a true inspiration both in his job and in his intellect. Christopher Lee was, is, and always will be a Legend!!

83rd post - Statues and Ruins!

Hello dear hobbyists :) This time I present to you the nr54 of the "Battle Games in Middle Earth" collection: Statues and Ruins. Well, for this ones I've made a little research on the film images intending to find where the statues belong and, surprise, they're just some random scenery used along "the Fellowship of the Ring" film. Below are the results of my research: Before the Nazgul arrive at weathertop. Weathertop: the set. Weathertop: the set. When the Fellowship arrive at Amon Hen (Western Border of Anduin) Even in Boromir's death... (Poor Sean Bean :\ ) I've been really amazed and surprised about the results of this research since these statues weren't on my mind until now. Really nice to know a little more about the making of the films. ********************************************************************************** So, lets proceed to the models... As some of you may already under