84th post - Sir Christopher Lee!

Oh my... today was a sad day...
Sir Christopher Lee has passed away.
He was the only cast member of "the Lord of the Rings" that had actually met J.R.R.Tolkien.
It is said that Tolkien wanted him to play the role of Gandalf if, someday, "the Lord of the Rings" went to the big screen.
All that apart, what a great Man! Amazing actor, and amazing person... a true inspiration both in his job and in his intellect.

Christopher Lee was, is, and always will be a Legend!!


  1. Agree, it's a very sad day...

  2. I am sure by now that Tolkien has given him his review of his performance as Saruman, probably in Elvish :)

  3. Replies
    1. It had to be done... this man was such an inspiration..

  4. I read that he was also a huge fan of the book and had a copy on set during filming of the trilogy. He will be sadly missed. :(

    1. Yes, Ian McKellan said he used to read LOTR every year... sometimes twice...


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