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96th post - Tutorial: Mordor Captain!

So, after the showcase post , nothing better than the tutorial on this guy, right? The Mordor Captain corresponds to the Battle Games in Middle Earth issue nr 58. As I said before, this is a great model, really fun to paint, since it has lots of details to catch. I'm not even that big a fan of metal miniatures, but this might be one of the best model sculptures that I've ever painted. Materials Vallejo's Game Color Wash, Blue Shade Game Color Wash, Sepia Shade Game Color Wash, Pale Grey Model Color, Iraqui Sand  Model Color, Medium Grey Model Color, Stone Grey Model Color, Deck Tan The Army Painter's Matt White Matt Black Leather Brown Pure Red Citadel's Nuln Oil Agrax Earthshade XV-88 Screaming Skull Ironbreaker Runefang Steel Dryad Bark Mephiston Red Tutorial Skin: Basecoat: Vallejo's Medium Grey Shades: 2/1 mix of Vallejo's Pale Grey + Blue Shade Highlights I: Vallejo's Ston

95th post - Mordor Orc Captain! (showcase)

Hi  friends! Here I am showing another finished model from the "Battle Games in Middle Earth" miniatures (nr. 58): the Mordor Orc Captain! I think, now on, I will be making posts separately, i.e, one with showcase purposes and another for the tutorial, believing it's better that way, so I can have "straight to the point" posts, rather than a mix of it all. Also, the blog aesthetics will benefit I suppose.  My goal with the base was to make it look ashy, a kind of a dead "Mordor style" terrain, made of rocks and nothing else. This is actually one of my favourite models until now. I think it will look really fierce in the field of battle! By the way, I love the way that the fur is sculpted in this guy! It's a beauty, and provides a really enjoyable painting session! It's an awesome model :)  And that's it! Stay tuned for the tutorial on this guy :) Merry holidays everyone

94th post - Painting Denethor! (tutorial)

So, here I am presenting another painted miniature, this time is Denethor! As said in the 92nd post , I was going to try a little different thing with the base, and I can say now that was a success in my opinion. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the painting, tough i didn't got the desired effect on the fur, but well, that's a process that comes with time.  Compared to other models, this one wasn't that fun to paint due to the boring black/grey/white colour scheme, although the face has a great amount of detail, making it the funniest part to paint. Tutorial 1- Chain Mail : Basecoated with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter); Washed with Nuln Oil (Citadel); Drybrushed with Runefang Steel  (Citadel). 2- Sword : Basecoated with  Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter) followed by Old Gold (Vallejo); Highlighted with Auric Armour Gold (Citadel). 3- Fur : The lower third was basecoated with Dark Grey (Vallejo), the medium third with Stormvermin

93rd post - Painting Gothmog!

So, after the promise made on the 92nd post , here's the post about Gothmog! As said before, the name Gothmog was given by Tolkien to the lord of the Balrogs of the first age, and, on his works, there's no orc general with that name during the war of the ring. Despite that, I think it's a great character in Peter Jackson's films, since he really brings up the malevolent nature of the orcs of Mordor. The great thing about him is his pale skin (rare among orcs) and the "meatfull" face, with the left eye covered by that chunk of flesh. He really is an uncomfortable character, and I love that!!! Tutorial 1- Medium Thinner :  As always, mainly to thin down the metallic acrylics. 2- The Armour and the Sword :  Basecoated with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter); Washed with a mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade (Citadel); Drybrushed with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter); Highlighted with Runefang Steel (Citadel); Weathered with a thinn

92nd post - Gothmog, Denethor and an Orc Captain!

After  a relatively good test on a Uruk-Hai ( 91st post ), my will to paint as been raised a bit. So, I decided to prepare now my next three minis, and this post is about it! These are the models that I'm going to paint in the next few days: Gothmog, Denethor and an orc captain. Gothmog is a Mordor orc general, with pale skin and a disfigured face. It's a product of Peter Jackson's films (not a real character in the books), tough his name comes from an ancient lord of the Balrogs, from the first age of Middle Earth. Concerning Denethor, he is one of the most hated characters due to the films. He is a high lord of Gondor (he is the steward) who has lost his mind because of the Ring and the Palantir, on which he saw Sauron. With Denethor I'm going to try something I never did: a non nature base. I'll try to give it a look worthy of Minas Tirith's Hall... Let's see how it goes. I'm very excited about painting th

91st post - The Uruk-Hai Redemption!

Hello friends. The Uruk of Isengard is now finished and rescued from the miserable state he was (broken sword, some detail loss... you can see it here ). I must say I'm happier than I thought I would be, tough I've felt some kind of uncertainty in numerous parts when painting. I think the skin is the aspect that's less well painted, but overall I'm really happy with the miniature, specially with the free hand... I must have been blessed by the Valar there! I've also decided to try some new things, like the Blood for the Blood God from Citadel, for which I'm really pleased!! The Materials 1- Medium Thinner: which I always use (mainly to thin down the metallic paints). 2- The Skin: Basecoated with Dark Flesh (old citadel paint); Washed with Agrax Earthshade ; Highlighted with a mix of Dark Flesh and Vallejo's Basic Skintone , progressively lighter (3 highlight fases). 3- The Hair: Basecoated with Vallejo's Dark Grey;