94th post - Painting Denethor! (tutorial)

So, here I am presenting another painted miniature, this time is Denethor!

As said in the 92nd post, I was going to try a little different thing with the base, and I can say now that was a success in my opinion.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the painting, tough i didn't got the desired effect on the fur, but well, that's a process that comes with time. 
Compared to other models, this one wasn't that fun to paint due to the boring black/grey/white colour scheme, although the face has a great amount of detail, making it the funniest part to paint.


1- Chain Mail:
Basecoated with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter); Washed with Nuln Oil (Citadel); Drybrushed with Runefang Steel (Citadel).

2- Sword:
Basecoated with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter) followed by Old Gold (Vallejo); Highlighted with Auric Armour Gold (Citadel).

3- Fur:
The lower third was basecoated with Dark Grey (Vallejo), the medium third with Stormvermin Fur and the higher third with Administratum Grey (both from Citadel); Washed with Nuln Oil (Citadel); Drybrushed with Matt White (Army Painter).

4- Cloak:
Basecoated with Matt Black (Army Painter); Highlighted with a mix of black + dark blue, followed by Dark Grey (Vallejo); Glazed with a thinned coat of Nuln Oil (Citadel).

5- Face:
After the eyes, the face was basecoated with Cadian Fleshtone (Citadel); Shaded with Fleshtone Shade (Vallejo); Highlighted with Kislev Flesh (Citadel) and a mix of Kislev Flesh + Basic Skintone (Vallejo).

6- Hair:
Basecoated with Stormvermin Fur (Citadel); Drybrushed with Administratum Grey (Citadel) and Matt White (Army Painter).

7- Base:
Rectangular pieces of fine cardboard glued to the base to give texture, painted black and drybrushed grey. Then, I applied a blue wash and drybrushed again with grey and white.

Now some scenic photos:

And that's all, I hope you like it!

Happy hobbying!


  1. Fantastic looking Denethor mate! I love the face!

  2. Denethor, the guy we love to hate...! Grande trabalho, Tiago!!!! :D Abraço!

    1. Ahahahah exactamente :D
      Muito obrigado Rogério! Abraço

  3. Agree with Michal, Denethor's face is wonderful...excellent job!


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