93rd post - Painting Gothmog!

So, after the promise made on the 92nd post, here's the post about Gothmog!

As said before, the name Gothmog was given by Tolkien to the lord of the Balrogs of the first age, and, on his works, there's no orc general with that name during the war of the ring. Despite that, I think it's a great character in Peter Jackson's films, since he really brings up the malevolent nature of the orcs of Mordor.

The great thing about him is his pale skin (rare among orcs) and the "meatfull" face, with the left eye covered by that chunk of flesh. He really is an uncomfortable character, and I love that!!!

1- Medium Thinner
As always, mainly to thin down the metallic acrylics.

2- The Armour and the Sword
Basecoated with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter); Washed with a mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade (Citadel); Drybrushed with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter); Highlighted with Runefang Steel (Citadel); Weathered with a thinned down Agrax Earthshade (Citadel).

3-  The Skin
Basecoated with a mix of Rhinox Hide (Citadel) and Basic Skintone (Vallejo); Washed with Agrax Earthshade (Citadel); Highlighted with Iraqui Sand (Vallejo) and Screaming Skull (Citadel); Finally, with a mix of Red Shade and Blue Shade (Vallejo) I managed to give a purple tint to the pale flesh, to help achieving the strange diabolical orc skin, by applying it in some specific areas/spots. 

4- The Cloth
Basecoated with Mephiston Red (Citadel); Shaded with a mix of Red Shade and Sepia Shade (Vallejo); Highlighted with Dragon Red and Pure Red (Army Painter).

5- The Leather:
Basecoated with Rhinox Hide (Citadel); Highlighted with Leather Brown (Army Painter).

6- The Fur and Hair:
Basecoated the top half with Stormvermin Fur (Citadel) and the lower half with Dark Grey (Vallejo); Drybrushed with Administratum Grey (Citadel); Highlighted in some prominent spots with Matt White (Army Painter).
The hair was basecoated with  Stormvermin Fur and Highlighted with Administratum Grey (Citadel).

And here's the final result:

Overall, I'm really, really (really) happy with the result. I think it's just an amazing model that provides a very enjoyable painting session.

Some more photos with scenery:

And that's it!!!
I hope you guys like my Gothmog.

As always, happy hobbying!


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