90th post - Uruk-Hai Catch Up!

Well, it's been a while since I last painted a miniature. 
That leaves me a little worried with how much my painting skills (which weren't already the best) have decreased  along this time, so I decided to have a kind of a "test mini" so I can be conscious of it.
Nothing better than a old model, on which I had already stripped the paint. I'll be painting a simple Uruk warrior of Isengard, and I intend to do so until this weekend.

As can be seen, the paint didn't came off quite well, and in the process of washing the model the sword broke... well, in other words, the model is perfect for my intents, I guess.

With the primed mini I think the amount of detail loss isn't that worrying, and that made me a bit happier (I'm a nerd)...

And that's it!
I'll be updating the blog with the progress on this Uruk soon.

Happy hobbying to you all!


  1. Oh I'm waiting for painted one :)
    best regards!

    1. It will probably be posted tomorrow :D
      It's already finished!

  2. I like the poses...and I'm sure I'll like the paint job!

    1. The main problem was my lack of practicing, but I actually think it went well.
      It'll be posted by tomorrow.
      Thank you for the kind comment Phil.


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