89th post - Ideas for Bases!

Hey guys!
This week I've been trying some things with bases, since I bought a few new materials and really wanted to try them out.
Nothing new about the texture of the bases. I've used the same materials that I always do: fine sand, medium grit, cork and decorative stones.


Now, after painting the bases, I have used multiple combinations to achieve various results. Here are the materials that were used:

And the final result:

Base 1

Just a simple base, with a dark brown coat and a drybrush of Vallejo's Iraqui Sand, to get that drying land result.

 Base 2

A volcanic/mountain terrain, achieved with the decorative stones, a black coat and a grey drybrush. Perfect for Moria bases.

 Base 3

In this one I wanted to test a mix between the green and the winter static grass. It was painted with a dark brown, a heavy drybrush with a mid tone brown, followed by a light drybrush of Vallejo's Iraqui Sand.   

Base 4

A humid looking terrain, with the same grass mix as used on base 3 and a mid tone brown drybrush. The texture used was the mix of fine sand and the medium grit.

Base 5

This is one of my favorites. Black basecoat, grey drybrush and winter/dead static grass.

 Base 6

Similar to the base 4 but with a much brighter static grass. 

 Base 7 

The same method as base 5, but (again) with a bright static grass.

 Base 8

This is the method I tend to use more often. I think the cork is one of the best materials to use in bases! Looks amazing. The big trick with this kind of bases is to give a light white drybrush on the stones in the end.

                                                 Base 9

In this one I tried the snow effects by pouring the snow directly to the base (in pva glue evidently). I've basecoated it in dark brown and gave it a grey drybrush to give the base a cold look. I've used the tufts for the vegetation.

 Base 10

Mountain tipe, with the tufts. The method for the snow was a paste with snow, pva glue and white paint mix. I find it to be the best way to apply snow to the base.

 Base 11

By far, the best surprise!!! I think I'll be using the dried moss in most of my bases now! I'm absolutely in love with the result.

 Base 12

An experiment with nail gel varnish. This one was a test for my future Gollum base, and I'm fairly satisfied with the look of it. 

      Base 13

 For this I wanted to try something new, and added transparent plastic strings to simulate a frosty terrain. Ideally, it needed to shine, so I also gave the plastic a coat of the gel varnish.

And that's it!
Just a small test on multiple kinds of bases.
I hope you liked them :)
Happy Hobbying


  1. Fantastic toutorial Tiago! I'm working on LOTR miniatures now and will be helpful!
    Thank You :)

    1. Thanks MichaƂ :D
      So I've seen... That's going to be amazing!!!!
      I hope you have fun painting LOTR minis :D

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