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75th post - Blog of the Month, March!

Hey guys :) Another month means...another shared blog!! This time I present to you "Aleminis" Alejandro's blog: Alejandro is another amazing painter. Seriously, the work he does is just over the top! Astounding... The only way this can be explained is with some photos: It is really breathtaking isn't it? Awesome!!!

74th post - Shagrat!

Hey again :) It's time for Shagrat!!! He's the commanding Uruk of the tower of Cirith Ungol. Life achievements: Captured Frodo and killed Gorbag xD Very much like Gorbag, there's nothing more to say about him. ********************************************************************************** Well, this model was painted a couple of weeks ago like Gorbag to enter the One Ring Forum painting challenge (for the month of March). Here are the pics: Bilbo's/Frodo's mithrill coat. Painting challenge pic. I hope you guys like it. Happy hobbying :)

73rd post - Arnor/Gondor tower! (part 3 and final)

So, I finally managed to finish my tower. Don't know about you but it looks more like a Mordor tower than a Gondor one loooool Maybe an ancient Arnorian fortress lost to the armies of Sauron perhaps... Anyway, here are a few pics of it without paint: And now here it is all finished: The rocks: The roads: The gate: A few more details: And finally, the view from the upper part of the tower: *********************************************************************************** I'm sorry for the enormous amount of photos, but this had to be done this way xD I hope you guys like it :) Happy hobbying mates.