70th post - Isildur !

Here we are again for the 70th post: Isildur!!

Isildur is the son of Elendil.
He is the one who cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand with what was left of Elendil's sword - Narsil.

Isildur died after an orc ambush in the Gladden Fields. After he put the ring and fled to the river Anduin, he was shot and the ring got lost in the depths of the river.


This model, along with all the Last Alliance models, is just awesome.
Very fun to paint and amazing detailed. I'm really pleased with him :)

Now, as usual, first the pic with all the paints used, and then the miniature... Hope you guys like it :D

You're free to send you feedback :)

Hope you liked it...


  1. Mais uma belíssima figura, Tiago - um fim de semana bem produtivo... ;) A estátua do cenário é impressionante... onde a desencantaste? Abraço e boa semana!

    1. Boas Rogério, muito obrigado :)
      A estátua veio com o número 54 desta colecção.
      Eu pintei-a no inicio para ter algo com que fotografar as minis :)

      Boa semana :)

  2. He is top notch Jimmy I love the work you have done on the sir-coat and the face came out great too!

    1. Thanks Robert :)
      The coat was really hard with the free hand details, but I suppose it looks fine eheh


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