74th post - Shagrat!

Hey again :)

It's time for Shagrat!!!
He's the commanding Uruk of the tower of Cirith Ungol.
Life achievements: Captured Frodo and killed Gorbag xD
Very much like Gorbag, there's nothing more to say about him.


Well, this model was painted a couple of weeks ago like Gorbag to enter the One Ring Forum painting challenge (for the month of March).

Here are the pics:

Bilbo's/Frodo's mithrill coat.

Painting challenge pic.

I hope you guys like it.
Happy hobbying :)


  1. Ora bem, cá estão os inquilinos da tua bela torre...! Belo trabalho! :D Abraço e boa semana!

    1. Exactamente eheheheheh
      Muito obrigado Rogério :)


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