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112th post - Weekly update: Théodred mounted and the Army Painter Quickshade!

Mae Govannen! This post will be another small update from what I've been doing lately. First of all, the last BGiME miniature (#65: Théodred and horse) is finished. For this one, I will make two tutorials, one for the character, and another for the horse. Visualizar esta foto no Instagram. About Théodred... . . . . #gamesworkshop #lordoftherings #thehobbit #middleearth #middleearthsbg #warhammer #paintingwarhammer #paintingforgeworld #middleearthminis #boardgames #paintingminiatures #minipainting #warhammerfantasy #tabletopgame #sbg #theodred #rohan #horse #rider Uma publicação compartilhada por Middle Earth Minis ( em 26 de Set, 2018 às 12:13 PDT Secondly, I've experimented using the Army Painter's Quickshade, with the dipping method, for the first time. That will have a tutorial (and review) as well along this next week. Visualizar esta foto no Insta

111th post - Weekly update: Hobbit week, Goblintown and Théodred!

Mae Govannen! First of all, we're in the end of the so called "hobbit week", which is symbolically marked by the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins (September 22nd), and I couldn't let the occasion pass without mentioning it on the blog. (P.s.: I've just realised that the "hobbit week" post is the same number of years that Bilbo Baggins is celebrating in the beginning of the book, i.e., 111) As usual, I've started reading the Lord of the Rings by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien this week (I've done so every year since 2011/12, excluding 2017). Visualizar esta foto no Instagram. Happy birthday to Frodo and Bilbo!!!! September 22nd . . . . #gamesworkshop #lordoftherings #thehobbit #middleearth #middleearthsbg #warhammer #paintingwarhammer #paintingforgeworld #middleearthminis #boardgames #paintingminiatures #minipainting #warhammerfantasy #tabletopgame #sbg #bilbobaggins #bilbo #shire #hobbi

110th post - Éomer on foot! (Showcase and Tutorial)

Greetings: painters, wargamers and curious travellers! As promised on my last post , here is the tutorial for the Éomer (on foot) miniature. This model came with the Battle Games in Middle Earth 64th issue, and it's the exact same "Éomer" that came with the number 18. So, before we get to the tutorial... Who is Éomer? "Northman, prince of Rohan. Born in 3019 of the Third Age, Éomer was the nephew of King Théoden of Rohan, and like nearly all of his race was tall, strong and golden-haired. Before the War of the Ring, Éomer was a marshall of Riddermark, but through his friendship with Gandalf and his concern about the evil influence of the king's adviser, Grima Wormtongue, he fell out of favour. During the War of the Ring he fought with distinction at the battles of Hornburg, Pelennor Fields and at the Black Gate of Mordor. When King Théoden received mortal wounds on Pelennor Fields, he named Éomer his heir. He became the eighteenth king of R

109th post - Weekly update: Escape from Goblintown and Éomer!

Ahoy!!!! Here we are for another blog post, and this one will be an update of my painting progress this week. Well, last weekend I have decided to challenge myself by resolving to paint a model per day (most of them are the Goblintown orcs, since I have buckets of them and I really need to start speeding them up a little). The daily models can be seen on the Instagram of Middle Earth Minis , as shown on some photos bellow: Visualizar esta foto no Instagram. New resolution: starting next monday, I'll be painting one Goblintown orc per day, aside painting Éomer and Théodred! - - #gamesworkshop #lordoftherings #thehobbit #middleearth #middleearthsbg #warhammer #paintingwarhammer #paintingforgeworld #middleearthminis #goblintown #orc #goblin Uma publicação compartilhada por Middle Earth Minis ( em 7 de Set, 2018 às 7:22 PDT Visualizar esta foto no Instagram.

108th post - Many Great Tidings!

Eight months after my last post, here I am again, and I can assure everyone that the blog ain't dead yet!!!!! I'll start this one by explaining my absence, which is pretty simple: last semester of my graduation! And I'm finally a History graduate! ... And now I can spend a lot more time with the hobby! After a well earned vacation time, I've once again immersed myself on this hobby, without knowing for sure how much my painting skills have decreased. So, by last week, I have decided to open a  Middle Earth Minis 's Instagram account , which I kindly ask you to follow. The aim of that account is to publish all the small updates on my painting processes with a lesser image quality, i.e. cellphone photos. So... What have I been painting on this return? First of all, I had to test my undeniable loss of skill, a to do so, I've decided to paint a few Moria goblins, which are simple to paint, and yet really small sized. My main focus were those deta