112th post - Weekly update: Théodred mounted and the Army Painter Quickshade!

Mae Govannen!

This post will be another small update from what I've been doing lately.

First of all, the last BGiME miniature (#65: Théodred and horse) is finished.
For this one, I will make two tutorials, one for the character, and another for the horse.

Secondly, I've experimented using the Army Painter's Quickshade, with the dipping method, for the first time. That will have a tutorial (and review) as well along this next week.

As you'll all understand, editing photos for the tutorials is a time consuming work, so I often see myself pondering whether I paint or edit.
With that said, I believe I'll be able to post all three tutorials this week.

I'll be posting again really soon!
Meanwhile happy hobbying and wargaming!



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