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88th post - Varnishing the Models!

Hey friends! Almost a year has passed since I finished the paint work on my Gondorian Banner Bearer Knight , and it has been waiting on the "to varnish shelve" since then. So, this week I have decided to finally varnish him and publish the whole process in here. Varnishing the miniatures is one of those subjects that usually gets a lot of debate by the hobbying community (paired with the eternal  Citadel vs Vallejo discussion) and, in fact, all the pro's and con's should be thought over before you start. So, let us see: -   Pro's It protects/reinforces the model's structure, hardening it and preventing it to break easily; Can be used to provide an extra shining look on metallics, such as swords and armors; Prevents your paint work from chipping or scratching over time. - Con's It might take hold on what your miniature looks like in the end. So, caution is needed, though you'll never have full control of the varnish's