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53rd post - Blog of the Month!

Well, hello guys! This column here will be now on every month's practice. The brain behind this fantastic idea is the exact person I'm praising in this post: Vincent Clive. I did not only have chosen his blog as an act of retribution and thankfulness, but mainly because of his beautiful idea. Here is the post that made me choose Vincent's blog: Summing up, this post have the best explanation of the nature of this Idea, wich I'll duplicate: "Each week on Friday I'm going to be trawling through all the posts from the blogs I follow (which grows every week) and pick out one blog that I want to mention and encourage with a bit of peer effect, I'd love if you could join me in this, you never know when the person you encourage could be your next great gaming buddy, six degrees of separation style." If you go and look a bit inside Vincent's blog, you will f

52nd post - Shopping (part II)!

Well... I went shopping again :D This time I bought from Citadel: Agrax Earthshade - Shade; Nuln Oil - Shade; Cadian Fleshtone - Layer; Administratum Grey - Layer; Blood for the Blood God - Technical; Mephiston Red - Base; Death World Forest - Base; Dryad Bark - Base; Rhinox Hide - Base; XV-88  -  Base; And from Vallejo: Thinner Medium; Gloss Varnish; Matt Varnish. I'm feeling very excited with all this purchases. I finally managed to lay my hands on Blood for the Blood God, which is an epic gore effect, and on the bottled varnishes, who will offer me a lot of control, instead of the spray varnish I'm using right now (which is also vallejo).

51st post - Lady Galadriel!

Hey guys :D Another one finished, this time is Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien! I'm very happy with the final result on this one. The face and hair in particular are very pleasing to me. For this mini I used the following paints: Vallejo Offwhite; Sand Yellow; Fleshtone Shade; Pale Grey Shade; Sepia Shade. Army Painter Daemonic Yellow; Matt White; Matt Black. GW Dwarf Flesh; Ironbreaker.

50th post - Gondor Banner Bearer!

Hey guys :D Well, for this one I tried here something new. For the black of the flag, i first used Vallejo's Dark Grey to the highlights, and then a black wash all over the flag. This method made the banner look a lot more "clothy".

49th post - Magazine 33!

Hello guys. This issue comes with the Warriors of Gondor. The same ones that were painted in my 35th post .