52nd post - Shopping (part II)!

Well... I went shopping again :D

This time I bought from Citadel:

  • Agrax Earthshade - Shade;
  • Nuln Oil - Shade;
  • Cadian Fleshtone - Layer;
  • Administratum Grey - Layer;
  • Blood for the Blood God - Technical;
  • Mephiston Red - Base;
  • Death World Forest - Base;
  • Dryad Bark - Base;
  • Rhinox Hide - Base;
  • XV-88  -  Base;

And from Vallejo:

  • Thinner Medium;
  • Gloss Varnish;
  • Matt Varnish.

I'm feeling very excited with all this purchases.
I finally managed to lay my hands on Blood for the Blood God, which is an epic gore effect, and on the bottled varnishes, who will offer me a lot of control, instead of the spray varnish I'm using right now (which is also vallejo).


  1. I love shopping! Blood for the blood God is brilliant I've been using it on my evil models, you can see it on my goblins weapons in particular, what will you be using all these new paints for?!

    1. I did noticed the use of Blood for the blood God on your goblins... it provides an amazing effect!
      Well, most of this paints were bought as a replacement for old ones (or dried).
      In the particular cases of xv-88, administratum grey and death world forest, I bought to add a wider variety to my color options :)


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