53rd post - Blog of the Month!

Well, hello guys!
This column here will be now on every month's practice.
The brain behind this fantastic idea is the exact person I'm praising in this post: Vincent Clive.

I did not only have chosen his blog as an act of retribution and thankfulness, but mainly because of his beautiful idea.
Here is the post that made me choose Vincent's blog: http://blitzkriegbrushes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/blog-of-week-and-other-musings.html

Summing up, this post have the best explanation of the nature of this Idea, wich I'll duplicate:

"Each week on Friday I'm going to be trawling through all the posts from the blogs I follow (which grows every week) and pick out one blog that I want to mention and encourage with a bit of peer effect, I'd love if you could join me in this, you never know when the person you encourage could be your next great gaming buddy, six degrees of separation style."

If you go and look a bit inside Vincent's blog, you will find a fresh new blog (started exactly this November).
You'll find miniatures painted with an amazing good taste and advanced technique, which is case of the Galadhrim on the photo below.

This is the amazing Blog of the Month I'm giving you guys to explore:


  1. Wow, those Elves are stunning and what a lovely idea.

  2. Thanks very much, I'm glad to have propagated such an idea, community is everything and the more people help bring people in to the community and cheer them on the better, thanks for making me your first!

    1. I fully agree with you Vincent :)
      It had to be your blog, since if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have the "blog of the month" column :D


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