24 Sept 2014

47th post - Magazine nr 31!

Well, like the posts nr13 and nr 33, this magazine includes minis that were already painted. The Uruk-hai siege troops!
If you wish to see these painted minis, click here.

22 Sept 2014

46th post - Uruk Berserker!

And here, my friends, I present my lovely Berserker.
Nr 30 of the deAgostini collection.

18 Sept 2014

45th post - King Théoden in Helm's Deep!

Nr 29 - Théoden! :D
Based up and good to go eheh

17 Sept 2014

44th post - King Théoden preview!

Just a small preview. He just needs his base finished until the main post.
Well, I must say that his armour was a real pain to paint. Damn you Rohan armourers!!

10 Sept 2014

43rd Post - Haldir!

Number 28: Haldir!

So, my progress on the highlights continues in a slow pace, but with satisfying results :)

Here's how I painted Haldir:

  1. Basecoat - Grey ;
  2. Down Mail Coat - Gehenna's gold base followed by a Vallejo Sepia Shade Wash. Then I went for a mix of Gehenna's Gold and Ironbreaker and applied it to the edges of the mail;
  3. Upper Armour and Shirt - The middle part of the armour I first based it with AP(Army Painter) Dragon Red. Then I applied a wash with Vallejo Umber Shade and the highlights on AP Pure Red.
    Finished with that, comes the rest of the Armour. A base of VMC (Vallejo Model Color) Old Gold will be just perfect. Then a wash comes with the mixing of Vallejo Green and Black shade and washes. This gave the armour the tone I wanted. After the wash, comes the highlights. I mixed VMC Old Gold and Citadel Ironbreaker to highlight this part of the armour, and it's finished.
    About the shirt, a simple Black basecoat and grey highlights resulted just fine;
  4. Cloak -  Basecoated with AP Dragon Red. Then I washed the cloak with AP Quickshade Strong Tone Ink. After the wash I gave the cloak, once again, a layer of Dragon Red on the outer folds of the cloak and then another highlight on the edges with AP Pure Red;
  5. Skin - The skin was basecoated with Citadel Kislev Flesh, then washed with Vallejo Fleshtone Shade wash and highlighted with AP Barbarian Flesh and VMC Basic Skintone;
  6. Hair - Basecoated with VMC Ochre Brown, washed with Vallejo Sepia Shade  wash and then drybrushed with VMC Sand Yellow.
  7. Sword, Bow and Quiver - Well, all the golden details on this parts are painted with Citadel Auric Armour Gold. The brown parts on the bow and quiver are VMC Burnt Umber, and the grip of the sword is VMC Beige Brown.

4 Sept 2014

42nd Post - Uruk-Hai Siege Troops!

Hey guys :D
So, as I said before, I'm trying to evolve my highlighting.
I decided to go slowly because I don't want to ruin my minis, so the result in this ones isn't very notorious.
Here is nr 27 - the Uruk-Hai Siege Troops: