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47th post - Magazine nr 31!

Well, like the posts nr13 and nr 33 , this magazine includes minis that were already painted. The Uruk-hai siege troops! If you wish to see these painted minis, click here .

46th post - Uruk Berserker!

And here, my friends, I present my lovely Berserker. Nr 30 of the deAgostini collection.

45th post - King Théoden in Helm's Deep!

Nr 29 - Théoden! :D Based up and good to go eheh

44th post - King Théoden preview!

Just a small preview. He just needs his base finished until the main post. Well, I must say that his armour was a real pain to paint. Damn you Rohan armourers!!

43rd Post - Haldir!

Number 28: Haldir! So, my progress on the highlights continues in a slow pace, but with satisfying results :) Here's how I painted Haldir: Basecoat - Grey ; Down Mail Coat - Gehenna's gold base followed by a Vallejo Sepia Shade Wash. Then I went for a mix of Gehenna's Gold and Ironbreaker and applied it to the edges of the mail; Upper Armour and Shirt - The middle part of the armour I first based it with AP(Army Painter) Dragon Red. Then I applied a wash with Vallejo Umber Shade and the highlights on AP Pure Red. Finished with that, comes the rest of the Armour. A base of VMC (Vallejo Model Color) Old Gold will be just perfect. Then a wash comes with the mixing of Vallejo Green and Black shade and washes. This gave the armour the tone I wanted. After the wash, comes the highlights. I mixed VMC Old Gold and Citadel Ironbreaker to highlight this part of the armour, and it's finished. About the shirt, a simple Black basecoat and grey highlights

42nd Post - Uruk-Hai Siege Troops!

Hey guys :D So, as I said before, I'm trying to evolve my highlighting. I decided to go slowly because I don't want to ruin my minis, so the result in this ones isn't very notorious. Here is nr 27 - the Uruk-Hai Siege Troops: