22 Jun 2014

34th post - Dwarvish Ruins!

And last for this weekend it's number 22 - Dwarvish Ruins.

21 Jun 2014

33rd post - magazines nr 19 and 20

Well, I have decided to skip numbers 19 and 20 because in one of them  there came no minis, only paints (19) and in the other came the orcs of Moria (20) that I had already painted in number 1.
But here are the magazines and the minis:

32nd post - Gimli!

Number 21 is now done :)
Gimli is one of my favourite LOTR characters, so painting this one was very special to me :)
The photos aren't the greatest, but well...

31st post - Wall of Sprues!

So, I have finished one more scenic piece, this time it's a wall. It is made of sprues.

16 Jun 2014

30th post - Fences!

So, this weekend I made some fences! I hope you guys like it.

10 Jun 2014

29th post - Éomer!

Éomer's ready to fight :D
This miniature was a pain to paint, but I think I nailed it :)

6 Jun 2014

28th post - My little Colour Chart!

Just a small update on my blog: a chart of all the colours I have at my disposal.

5 Jun 2014

27th post - Grishnákh!

And now, for book 17, we got this lovely orc creature called Grishnákh!
Grishnák has a strong hippie sense and a deep love for nature, especially the kind of nature that splashes on the floor when one's guts gets ripped off!!!!

Enough with the praises.
This miniature is really cool and I had lots of fun painting it. I'm aware that the face is a little messed up, but, overall, I'm happy with it eheheh

And now for the 3rd Vallejo review section this is what I have to say:

Blah blah blah... Vallejo is the best... blah blah blah... go ahead and buy it... blah blah blah...
Here are my previous 2 reviews on Vallejo: Review 1, Review 2

This are the paints I used: