26th Post - Uglúk!

After a few days away from the hobby, finally this weekend I've managed some time to paint eheh
Number 16 is Uglúk!!!!

And of course, I used seven paints from my brand new Vallejo's.
Once again I got to say: THEY'RE FREAKING AWESOME!!!
The coverage is extremely good and no brush stroke evidences!! These are the dream eheheheh


  1. What a great looking miniature and nice painting too.

  2. Beautiful work...he looks very friendly!

  3. It's such a shame that the full range of figures are getting hard to get one's hands on (at least in my part of the world). They are all really characterful and dynamically posed. Nice job on the painting too!

    1. well, imagine me... I'm from Portugal and in here we don't even have one single GW store :\ ...luckily i got to put my hands on this collection eheh
      thanks Adam!


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