27th post - Grishnákh!

And now, for book 17, we got this lovely orc creature called Grishnákh!
Grishnák has a strong hippie sense and a deep love for nature, especially the kind of nature that splashes on the floor when one's guts gets ripped off!!!!

Enough with the praises.
This miniature is really cool and I had lots of fun painting it. I'm aware that the face is a little messed up, but, overall, I'm happy with it eheheh

And now for the 3rd Vallejo review section this is what I have to say:

Blah blah blah... Vallejo is the best... blah blah blah... go ahead and buy it... blah blah blah...
Here are my previous 2 reviews on Vallejo: Review 1, Review 2

This are the paints I used:


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