109th post - Weekly update: Escape from Goblintown and Éomer!


Here we are for another blog post, and this one will be an update of my painting progress this week.
Well, last weekend I have decided to challenge myself by resolving to paint a model per day (most of them are the Goblintown orcs, since I have buckets of them and I really need to start speeding them up a little).
The daily models can be seen on the Instagram of Middle Earth Minis, as shown on some photos bellow:

As we all can witness, I'm a little bit rusty on my painting, and the aim of the self-challenge is precisely to gradually move on the direction of enhancing my skills. So, next week the painting will continue...

New Products

Also this week, I've received a package of some "The Army Painter" products

As you might know from previous posts, I'm actually very fond of their metallic acrylics and, as such, I had to get the whole range to join my Plate Mail Metal.

Among some dices and a precision knife, there's also two containers of static grass and a basing set. "Why?", you ask... Well, let's just say that my dog thrashed all my basing materials a few months ago...

Finally, I also bought a primer, not because I needed it, but for pure curiosity.

I intend to review the paints I bought on the next few months (pay attention to my tutorials, as I'll be using a lot my new A.P. metallics).

What about the BGiME?

Also in this very productive week, I have finished my penultimate Battle Games in Middle Earth mini: Éomer on foot.

As usual, I'll make a tutorial on him in the next few days so, stay aware :)

Here he is:

Éomer on foot, BGiME #64.

Happy hobbying and wargaming everyone!

Have a nice week!



  1. Great to see your new works mate!

    1. Many thanks man!!
      Oh, and congratulations on getting your dwarves posted on GW's site :D


  2. Great brushwork on these. Will look out for the Eomer tutorial.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Thanks Ross!!
      It'll be posted probably today ;)



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