108th post - Many Great Tidings!

Eight months after my last post, here I am again, and I can assure everyone that the blog ain't dead yet!!!!!
I'll start this one by explaining my absence, which is pretty simple: last semester of my graduation!
And I'm finally a History graduate! ... And now I can spend a lot more time with the hobby!

After a well earned vacation time, I've once again immersed myself on this hobby, without knowing for sure how much my painting skills have decreased. So, by last week, I have decided to open a Middle Earth Minis's Instagram account, which I kindly ask you to follow.

The aim of that account is to publish all the small updates on my painting processes with a lesser image quality, i.e. cellphone photos.


What have I been painting on this return?

First of all, I had to test my undeniable loss of skill, a to do so, I've decided to paint a few Moria goblins, which are simple to paint, and yet really small sized.
My main focus were those details like the wooden brights/shadows of the bow, the shirt and skin highlights, as well as the armour particularities.
As expected, I wasn't pleased with the outcome of the miniatures, except for the bow part. My main concern was the skin work and the eyes (without giving much thought to the last ones, since they really are tiny, and I had for guaranteed that my ability to paint eyes had somewhat vanished...)

So, from here it was clear that I would have to do another "test" before I proceeded to the last 2 miniatures from BGiME (as you might recall, In Portugal there were published only the first 65 issues, and so, the 102nd post of this blog shows the last 5 models that I'm going to paint from the BGiME).

Well, with the urge to recalibrate my "ancient" painting skills, the Goblintown goblins seemed to be the best choice of models since they provided lots of space to work on their skin and I have them in abundance.

Two unpainted Escape from Goblintown boxes (well, excluding the goblins I've just painted).
Abundance of scenery, goblins ... and Thorin's company...
I'll have to say that despite the bitter time I had strugling to paint them, I was actually happy with how they turned out.


With these results, even tough they're far from what I wish for my painting, I do feel a bit more encouraged to finally paint Éomer and the mounted Théodred.
That's the appetiser for what's about to come!

About the news!!!!

I can honestly say that these are great times for those who love the SBG!
With the new franchise name (Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game), not only we're receiving a new starter pack, we're also getting new miniature sculpts (Théoden and Gandalf!).

For my part, I'll surely get my own when possible and, as a new time for this blog approaches, the new tidings on this hobby really got me hyped to a productive mode. So, next in line (after ending the BGiME): The Escape from Goblintown!

With all that said, I think the blog has also received a new light
 and I hope for the coming of a great new Age!
As always, Happy Hobbying to everyone!!!



  1. Welcome back Tiago! Wow, I'm just in the same situation!
    Have been away from hobby for several months, I have just
    started yesterday with a mass painting of a Goblin army!
    (Just finished with priming and the silver parts )

    My warm Congratulations upon your gratuation!

    Regards, George.

    1. Thank you very much George!
      I really missed all this hobby ambience!

      That's great to know. It seems like goblins are the perfect way to comeback right??? ahah
      I'll be following your progress for sure!



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