95th post - Mordor Orc Captain! (showcase)

Hi  friends!
Here I am showing another finished model from the "Battle Games in Middle Earth" miniatures (nr. 58): the Mordor Orc Captain!
I think, now on, I will be making posts separately, i.e, one with showcase purposes and another for the tutorial, believing it's better that way, so I can have "straight to the point" posts, rather than a mix of it all. Also, the blog aesthetics will benefit I suppose. 

My goal with the base was to make it look ashy, a kind of a dead "Mordor style" terrain, made of rocks and nothing else.

This is actually one of my favourite models until now. I think it will look really fierce in the field of battle!

By the way, I love the way that the fur is sculpted in this guy! It's a beauty, and provides a really enjoyable painting session! It's an awesome model :) 

And that's it! Stay tuned for the tutorial on this guy :)
Merry holidays everyone, and happy hobbying!!


  1. Fantastic looking orc Tiago!
    I love the skin colour. You motivated me to paint some of my lotr minis :)

    1. That's great to know Mike :)
      Many thanks and happy holidays!

  2. WOW! Tiago, este está fabuloso!! A cara e expressão são simplesmente perfeitas! Parabéns! Boas Festas!!!!!! :D

  3. Beautiful work, these rusty metals are spot on.


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