91st post - The Uruk-Hai Redemption!

Hello friends.
The Uruk of Isengard is now finished and rescued from the miserable state he was (broken sword, some detail loss... you can see it here).
I must say I'm happier than I thought I would be, tough I've felt some kind of uncertainty in numerous parts when painting.

I think the skin is the aspect that's less well painted, but overall I'm really happy with the miniature, specially with the free hand... I must have been blessed by the Valar there!
I've also decided to try some new things, like the Blood for the Blood God from Citadel, for which I'm really pleased!!

The Materials

1- Medium Thinner: which I always use (mainly to thin down the metallic paints).

2- The Skin: Basecoated with Dark Flesh (old citadel paint); Washed with Agrax Earthshade; Highlighted with a mix of Dark Flesh and Vallejo's Basic Skintone, progressively lighter (3 highlight fases).
3- The Hair: Basecoated with Vallejo's Dark Grey; Washed with Nuln Oil; Drybrushed with Administratum Grey.
4 -The Metallics: Basecoated with Army Painter's Plate Mail Metal; Washed with Nuln Oil; Drybrushed (light) with Plate Mail Metal; Highlighted with Runefang Steel; Glazed with a very thinned down Nuln Oil; Weathered with a very thinned down Agrax Earthshade all over the armour.
5- Details: for the blood I've used Blood for the Blood God; the white hand was made with Army Painter's Matt White and lots of patience.


This photography doesn't show the model properly. I just like the ambiental look of it.

And that's all!

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As always, happy hobbying!!!!!


  1. Awesome job, and I also like the ambiental look of the last picture!

    1. Thank you Phil!
      Yes, that's great isn't it? I don't even know how I took it (I'm evidently no photography expert).
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Belo regresso Tiago!!! :D Abraço e Boas Festas!!!

    1. Obrigado Rogério :D
      Um abraço e igualmente ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Many thanks Michał :D
      Went better than I thought it would eheh

  4. Buen trabajo en general. En cuanto a la piel seguro que no tardarás en cogerle el punto. Yo, con el tema de las pieles voy a días, unas veces me gusta más que otras. Pero el caso es ir aprendiendo y mejorando poco a poco.

    1. Sí, creo que poco a poco va a mejorar :)
      Muchas gracias por lo comentario


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