83rd post - Statues and Ruins!

Hello dear hobbyists :)

This time I present to you the nr54 of the "Battle Games in Middle Earth" collection: Statues and Ruins.
Well, for this ones I've made a little research on the film images intending to find where the statues belong and, surprise, they're just some random scenery used along "the Fellowship of the Ring" film.

Below are the results of my research:

Before the Nazgul arrive at weathertop.

Weathertop: the set.

Weathertop: the set.

When the Fellowship arrive at Amon Hen (Western Border of Anduin)

Even in Boromir's death...
(Poor Sean Bean :\ )

I've been really amazed and surprised about the results of this research since these statues weren't on my mind until now. Really nice to know a little more about the making of the films.


So, lets proceed to the models...
As some of you may already understood, I've been using these statues and ruins for a long time. Since the beginning of my project, I needed to have some scenery elements to fill my models backgrounds, so I've decided to paint these statues and ruins in a early stage.
I've taken some photos anyhow, and now here they are:

I honestly hope you guys like this one, since it gave me a little more work than usual :)

As always, happy hobbying :)


  1. Pois bem, prova superada - pela minha parte: adoro!!! Parabéns por mais um excelente post! :D

  2. Marvelous, and so atmospheric!

    1. Thanks Phil :)
      I'm really proud of that last photo :D

  3. Hola:
    Que bueno, me encanta
    Un saludo

    1. Hola Pilar :)
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario :D

  4. That will make the game table standout! Exellent work!

  5. WooooW!! Pure fantastic work!!! Love it!


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