102nd post - Battle Games in Middle-Earth (nr. 61-65)!

Hello friends!

So, the aim of this 102nd post is to make a preview of the next 5 models that I'll be painting, but first, I wish to make a few considerations.

As some of you know (those who have been following my blog), since the beginning of this blog's journey, I've been painting the the Lord of the Rings miniatures that have been released with the Battle Games in Middle-Earth's issues, in 2002.
It has been an amazing jump start for my painting skills and a real pleasure giving hobby.
At the time I acquired the collection, I made a little research about the whole thing and found that, in my country (Portugal), DeAgostini only had published the first 65 numbers (out of 91).
Sad, yes, but if it weren't for it, I'd never had entered the hobby "thing".
This fact needed to be mentioned because... well, the next five models are to be the last models of the collection I bought!

So... let's get to them:

These guys are the next/last ones:
  • 61: Strider
  • 62: Bilbo Baggins
  • 63: Gollum
  • 64: Éomer on foot
  • 65: Théodred on horse


Bilbo Baggins


Éomer on foot

Théodred on horse

And that's it!!! I'm very excited to paint this guys... they all look great (let's see if I can make them justice)!
Thank you everyone for watching!
Happy hobbying!



  1. Oh yes! A lot of excellent minis.
    happy hobbing time too!

    1. Yes it is, for sure :D
      Thanks for commenting Mike!

  2. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with these.

    1. Thanks Michael!
      Strider is already finished, so I'll be posting soon :D

  3. Força Tiago, aguçaste o apetite, agora estamos à espera...! Abraço!!

    1. O Strider está mesmo quase a sair do forno eheh
      Obrigado pelo comentário :)

  4. Hi i have just purchased issue 1-91 plus the 3 bonus issues alongside the battle for pellenor fields with the aim of completing the collection to a good display standard within a year.~250 plastic models and 80 metal... Do you have your collection on display? Any tips for neating the metal moulds? Love the vids. Ill send you a photo when i have completed my quest . Cheers richard


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