99th post - Armoured Faramir! (Tutorial)

Hello friends!

As promised in the 98th post, here's the tutorial for the armoured Faramir on foot miniature.
It's a metal miniature, from the Battle Games in Middle Earth series (issue number 59).

As I've said before, this is, in my opinion, a great sculpt. I'm not even a great fan of this kind of Gondor armour, since I find it a bit boring to paint, but this specific model really gave me an enjoyable paint session.


First of all, one of the most important parts of the painting process: the priming!
In this case, the model was primed black.


  • Game Color Wash, Blue Shade
  • Game Color Wash, Fleshtone Shade
  • Model Color, Dark Grey
  • Model Color, Deck Tan
  • Model Color, Iraqui Sand
  • Model Color, Ochre Brown

Army Painter's

  • Strong Tone Ink
  • Matt White
  • Matt Black
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Plate Mail Metal


  • Nuln Oil
  • Cadian Fleshtone
  • Kislev Flesh
  • XV-88
  • Rhinox Hide
  • Dark Flesh
  • Auric Armour Gold
  • Runefang Steel 



  1. Basecoat: Citadel's Cadian Fleshtone
  2. Shades: Vallejo's Fleshtone Shade
  3. Highlights: Citadel's Kislev Flesh

Hair and Beard:
  1. Basecoat: Citadel's Rhinox Hide
  2. Highlights: Vallejo's Ochre Brown
  3. Glaze: Army Painter's Strong Tone Ink

Armour and Sword:
  1. Basecoat: Army Painter's Plate Mail Metal
  2. Shades: Mix in equal parts of Citadel's Nuln Oil + Vallejo's Blue Shade + Army Painter's Strong Tone Ink
  3. Highlights: Citadel's Runefang Steel
  4. Details: Citadel's Auric Armour Gold

Cloth and Gloves:
  1. Basecoat: Army Painter's Matt Black
  2. Highlights: Vallejo's Dark Grey 
  3. Glaze: Citadel's Nuln Oil
  4. Details: Small dots of Vallejo's Deck Tan, followed by even smaller dots of Army Painter's Ultramarine Blue and Matt White

  1. Basecoat: Citadel's XV-88
  2. Highlights: Vallejo's Iraqui Sand

Sword Sheath:
  1. Basecoat: Citadel's Rhinox Hide
  2. Highlights: Citadel's Dark Flesh

*  *  *

And that's all!
I hope this post will be useful to you guys!
Happy hobbying and enjoy your painting!


  1. Painting is a great art especially when it come to paint a sculpture. I wish I could paint so I really appreciate the people who paint new and exciting stuff.


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