100th post - Armoured Boromir on foot! (Showcase)

So, another day, another finished model and... Lo!!! 100th post!
Although it's nothing special, it always feels good to reach the triple digits.

I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest models I've ever painted! It's a great sculpt which gives a huge motivation.

I'm really happy with this Boromir model!
I think my expectations were exceeded, and that made me very happy :D

Stay tuned for the tutorial on this gentlemen, which will be out on the next few days!
Happy hobbying!


  1. Many congratulations on the 100th post.

  2. Parabéns pela meta alcançada e por mais um magnífico guerreiro! Continua o excelente trabalho, é um prazer vir até aqui! :D Abraço!!

  3. Congratz!
    Miniature looking amazing!


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