23rd post - Final Chapter on the Army Painter Reviews!

So, this post is just to display my final rating of all the Army Painter products that I've used.
The rates are:

  • Quickshade Strong Tone : 8/10
  • Wargamers most wanted brush set : 10/10
  • Acrylics : 7/10
  • Metallics : 9/10
  • Inks : 9/10
  • Primers : -/10
My rate 7 on the acrylics is mostly based on the difficulties I've experienced with the Daemonic Yellow in particular. It seems that I could shake the bottle for 10 minutes and still don't have a good consistency on the paint. About the rest of the acrylics, if you give them a very good shake, the results are top quality!

About the primers, i didn't get to use them yet so I didn't rate them. In the future (when I make use of them) I'll certainly make a review.

I definitely recommend the Army Painter to everyone!
It's a really top quality brand, and all I can say is that they got themselves a new customer!
So, overall rate: 8,6/10