25th post - Saruman!

With my new Vallejo paints at hand I couldn't wait to use them so, who better than Saruman?? :)
This is the number 15 of the GW/Deagostini collection.
So here he is:

And for the Vallejo section, I've only used 3 paints of them for this miniature: Offwhite, Sand Yellow and Sepia Shade Wash.
Well, I need to say that this was my first Vallejo experience, and I already feel grateful to have such quality paints at my disposal. Most people say they're the best, and I'll have to agree! Huge pigmentation, great consistency that makes it easier to mix, a wash that stays in the recesses really easily... A dream for every miniature painter!

Sand Yellow rate: 10/10
Offwhite rate: 10/10
Sepia Shade Wash: 9*/10

* Personally, I think that the Vallejo wash is at the same level as the AP quickshade!


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