16th post - The Army Painter Products!

And now, this is one of the most exciting things I've done while I'm on this hobby.
I've received some products from the Army Painter to review, and I must say, I'm really fortunate to be part of this :) the excitement is really high on here!
This is what they sent me:

  • Greenskin Primer
  • Dragon Red Primer
  • Quickshade Strong Tone
  • Dragon Red paint
  • Wargamers Most Wanted Brush set
  • Warpaints Starter Paint set

I'm going to make a review on this products of them, and for now, they're looking really great.
Have some pics:

This is the back of the Starter Paint Set box.

The paints From the starter paint set from the left: Plate Mail Metal, Strong Tone Ink, Barbarian Flesh, Leather Brown, Ultramarine Blue, Matt Black, Matt White, Pure Red, Daemonic Yellow and Greenskin.

Starter Paint Set Brush!

Starter Paint Set Brush!

Starter Paint Set Guide.

Quickshade Strong Tone.

Greenskin and Dragon Red Primes.

Most Wanted Brush Set: Small Drybrush, Insane Detail and Regiment Brushes.

In my next posts I'll be showing my Work in Progress and at the same time making a review on all these products. I'm Really really excited (once again eheh)!!!