18th post - Gandalf!

Well, here we are with number 12, Gandalf!
I wasn't really happy with his face but I think that in the overall the mini is not that badly painted :)

For this mini I used six Army Painter paints and three brushes:
  • Brushes - Insane Detail, Small Drybrush and Highlighting;
  • Matt Black;
  • Matt White;
  • Leather Brown;
  • Barbarian Flesh;
  • Plate Mail Metal;
  • And Quickshade Strong Tone ink.
For the brushes, I'm delighted to have these to use. They're perfect! The drybrush is really helpful and the Insane Detail, with this triangular handle is PERFECT! I'm really amazed by this. It fulfills the hand and the triangular form makes it easier to stroke the little details of the miniature.
My final rate on the brushes got to be 10/10. It really is the most wanted Brush set!!!!!

For the paints, I'm a fan of the dropping method so, this is one favor point, but the big thing (for me) about this paints is that they're hugely pigmented. I like a lot of this paints, and the Army Painter got themselves a new costumer here!
The downside of this paints is the consistency of them in the container. For a good result you'll have to shake it really well, but after that, I can assure you that they work really fine with awesome results!
Final rate on the paints: 8/10.    

The Barbarian Flesh I used was for the basecoat of the skin, giving it another kind of flesh tone for the highlights.