17th post - The Uruk Captain Armour!

So, I said in my 12th post that I was about to use the Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone on my Uruk captain's armour to give it a little dirtier look. Well, job's done and I must say that I'm really impressed with this product. The final result is awesome! The armour was really clean before, and with a few brushes of this quickshade in the right places, the armour now looks quite dirty like if it has already seen battles before.
This product has only one downside, but it has a solution. The quickshade effect shines a lot, perhaps because it works as a varnish as well, but in their website you can buy an anti-shine matt varnish.

Final rate on the Quickshade Strong Tone : 8/10

The Boots

The Shield

I know the quality on this photo isn't the greatest, but you can still see the difference.