118 - Goblin King! (tutorial)

Mae govannen, mellon nín!

In this post I'll make a tutorial on how to paint the Goblin King, a miniature from the Escape from Goblin Town box (GW).

By far, it was one of the most enjoyable miniatures I have painted since the beginning. It has a lot of cool details and (one of my favourites) big discernible eyes, which gave me space enough to work a little more sophisticated finish.
With finishing this miniature I close the goblin army chapter which, I must confess, I feel relieved since painting all those skins were tiresome work (tough I have genuinely enjoyed painting the Goblin King).


For the skin process i followed the method that was already presented on the previous goblin tutorial (check it here).
As I said before, the eyes were object of a little better work:
After painting the white I made the iris with a big brown dot followed by a small black dot for the pupil.
Finally, I added an even smaller dot with white (in the corners) to give that bright look.

Then I painted the Goblin pick, on which the method is pretty plane.
Just note that I used the same method for the crown that were used for the top skull of the pick, and that the lower heads were basecoated with the screaming skull before the washing stage.
Also, the lower heads were just washed, since I wanted to achieve an aspect of rotted skins.
The left one was washed blue and the right one green. finally, the sepia shade was applied all over the heads to cut down the bright colours and offer a dirty look.
For the X step I just wanted to highlight the black hair strands, so the black shade was applied in the end as a glaze
 (diluted on a 1:1 medium).
Both tones that I've used for the top skull of the pick were drybrushed.
Just be cautious with the white (give it a gentle and light drybrush).

The final part were the metallic handle of the pick.
Since I wanted it to have a very rusted look, I worked mainly with dark metallic paints using the drybrush technique (on the horizontal, from right to left).
The lighter tones were achieved with progressive mixing of the Plate Mail Metal to the copper tone.


And that's it for now!
The next miniatures I'll be painting are Fili and Kili 
from the same Escape from Goblin Town box as the goblins.
I really hope you find this tutorial useful for you!
Keep on painting and wargaming!



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