129 - Nori! (tutorial)


Mae govannen, mellon nín!

Another day, another blog post. This time I present Nori, our tenth dwarf from Thorin's Company!

Just to recapitulate things, here follows the whole list of already painted dwarves:

Oin | Gloin | Fili | Kili | Bifur | Bofur | Bombur | Ori | Dori

This guy was sadly one of the dullest characters to paint. Not much to do here, only to speed him up and move on.

Assembled and unprimed miniature of Nori.
Who is Nori?

"Nori was one of Durin's Folk and likely dwelt in the northern Blue Mountains with Thorin after the latter had settled there. He was one of the thirteen Dwarves of Thorin's company who journeyed to Erebor to challenge the dragon Smaug. After the death of Smaug, Nori lived with his share of the treasure at the Lonely Mountain.

Nori lived a wealthy life after the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. He was still alive during the War of the Ring. His date of death is unknown, though it would have been before Fo.A. 91 when Dwalin passed away, as Dwalin was the last member of the Company to die."

Source of description:http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Nori 

How to Paint Nori?

As usual, I started by painting the miniature's skin. The steps are exactly just like I did with Ori.

I: Basecoat the hair and the beard with a middle toned brown;

II: Highlight the hair and the beard with a yellow toned brown;

III: Highlight further, focusing on the smaller and most prominent edges, the hair and the beard with a bone/sand toned brown paint;

IV: Basecoat the boots, gloves and knife scabbards (on the miniature's back) with a dark brown

V: Basecoat the staff shaft with a middle toned brown. After it dries, apply brown shades on the lower part and, if you wish, a few highlights on the top with a lighter brown tone paint;

VI: Basecoat the tunic and pants with a dark but clear grey;

VII: Highlight the previously painted areas with a light grey;

VIII: Highlight further the previously painted areas, this time with a mix of  the same light grey and a white paint. You should pick up the edges and most prominent parts of the cloth.

IX: Glaze the grey cloth with a thinned down black wash (preferably use a thinner medium);

X: Basecoat the metal parts with a  dark silver paint. Don't forget to paint the beard and hair rings;

XI: Highlight the metal parts with a bronze toned metallic paint. You can apply a very controlled black wash on the edges of the hair and beard rings, so they get a little depth;

XII: Highlight the tips of the knife grips with a bright golden metallic paint;

After all these steps, the miniature is ready to be varnished and to have his base finished.


With Nori's miniature showcase we finish the tutorial for our TENTH painted dwarf!

I'm hoping it will be helpful to someone out there.

Until next time! Keep on Painting and Wargaming!
Also, don't forget to have fun doing it!